Why ?

One year ago, i started to make plans to see if I could make a difference in the world with the power of running and social media.

The result was quite amazing in the end, with over 65,000 school meals generated – alongside various crowdfunding projects which saved lives on the ground in Kenya

Due to my work in East Africa, I have made steps towards new projects which I aim to develop the philanthropic work we started last year. These projects include ;

– School feeding projects & Guest Houses in Iten, Kenya

– Refugee project in Kampala, Uganda

– Clean Water Project in Turkana, Kenya

– School Meal Project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I am working closely with top athletes from these areas in these projects, as the running community also wishes to ‘give back’ .

In Kenya, i am working closely with Ladies Only World Record Holder, Mary Keitany – using her farm for school meals.

In Uganda, Janet Achola – Uganda’s 3km Record Holder and Olympian and in Ethiopia, Mamitu Daska – last years NYC Marathon 3rd Place Runner.

This blog will be my platform for expressing the stories on my journey, alongside the Social Media Management Projects I am taking on for some of the worlds quickest runners. I will also be opening my new guest house in Kenya up for visitors, alongside hosting running camps at the home of champions Iten.


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