Why #werunthis for Clean Water ?

42,075km /£ is one huge target, I know. But not when considering the impact of what this money would have one thousands of lives.

Each borehole is costing around the £10,000 Márk, so this effort would cover 4 sites. Two of these sites I have personally visited myself in the last weeks.

First of all the Turkana site, as you have seen in my videos – the dirty water hole is something I have not been able to erase from my memory since seeing it in December.

Secondly, I’d like to build one on the school grounds of the school we support at Runners Heal – Songeto Primary. With 360 children, they deserve to have regular clean water – and this borehole would also assist with our secondary farming projects on the same grounds.

And last but not least, a site I am due to visit in the coming weeks – the border between Kenya and Ethiopia. I shall be making a very long trip to see for myself, but a peace program manager will be looking after me for the days as I look to assist with the peace plans by building a borehole on either side of the border, in these extremely dry lands.

So, can you help ?

A small run/walk , donation and nomination of friends on social media can help fund these essential projects and make this a true viral campaign that makes a difference !

Heres the link ; Donations


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